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  1. boobs-in-my-mind:

    god, I really need a boyfriend !


  2. silentscream19:

    Come on Swen!! CS is not far behind(blech!). Keep voting everyday!!



  3. swanqueenbigbang:

    I Will Always Find You - a fic by PhoenixTat / art by helebing


    When Henry finds an old leather-bound book in the attic, he discovers the truth about his origins. Determined to reunite his whole family, he seeks out his birth mother and brings her back to Storybrooke. However, getting both his mothers to remember their past may not be as easy as he anticipated…


    I would like to thank the incredible Lola and Tiff for organizing this whole thing, as well as the lovely helebing for the beautiful artwork that inspired this story.
    A very special thanks goes to the wonderful Katherine737 (inkblots-on-autumn-leaves) for her support and input and to the amazing nirky (ohthesefeelingz) for her help and beta work :)


  4. imagineswanqueen:

    Imagine a body swap between Emma and Regina, leading to Emma snooping in Reginas drawers and finding some sexy toys, and a diary revealing her lust for Sheriff Swan

    -Submitted by anon


  5. creature-a:

    #SQ the mothership of ouat   # Swan Queen ftw (X) (X) (X)


  6. evilregal-swanqueen:

    New Evil Queen and The Savior Portrait for Season 2.


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  8. helebette:

    get out the tag CS I swear to terracotta elephant unicorn gods no one wants your missionizing. 


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  11. swanqueensails:

    Oh come on, honey.. It’s the lesbian urge to merge. And just imagine the look on your mom’s face when she sees us in matching sweaters!


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  13. apple-cinnamon-pancakes:

    I will die of happiness if Lana & Jennifer wears their Swan queen sweaters at the premiere screening…


  14. sheriffswanmills:

    Kiss me, Emma.

    Consider this as a little incentive to vote :)

    one, two, three polls!